Virtual Assistant Jobs

Virtual Assistant jobs are needed more and more the further on we go. More and more websites are launched every single day. And those sites are always going to be need help. And that is just one place that needs your help.

Another reason these are needed more and more is because of google’s SEO (Search Engine Optimization) update a couple of years ago. Before, you could hardly ever post and have very thin content < 500 words and still rank on the first page of google.

Now it’s a totally different ball game. You have to post regularly and the content should be a minimum of 1,000 words or more. For this reason and many others people are going to be needed to make sure that the blogs run smoothly.

What is a Virtual Assistant 

A Virtual Assistant is someone who does work for someone or their company over the internet. Basically, you can get hired from anyone and not have to live in their city or state and have to drive there every day.

This is great thing because you are no longer limited to those jobs in your home town. You can work with companies online who are in the US or even on the other side of the world.

Virtual Assistant Services

In order to be able to maximize the amount of money you can make you should really try to be able to do as many of the things below that you can. That way you have a much better chance of being hired by many more people or companies.

Here is a list of the things you could be responsible for.

  • Proof Reading Posts
  • Article Writing
  • Posting on Social Media
  • Writing the posts
  • Media Outreach
  • Managing Emails
  • Commenting on Forums/ Reddit
  • Video Creation & Uploading to Youtube
  • Photo Editing / PhotoShop Work
  • Data Entry
  • Answering Service
  • Logo Design

Basically, you could be responsible for anything that certain companies may have to do on a daily basis.

Virtual Assistant Salary

Salaries are going to range greatly. It all depends on your skills as well as the amount of money the company hiring you has to pay you.

When you are first starting out you may only make $10/hr. However, the more skills you gain and have to offer the bigger clients you can land. We have heard of some of the bigger companies paying upwards of $60/hour.

If a company is approaching you don’t make the mistake of under cutting yourself and making less than you could have. If they are asking what you charge here is what you can say.

Always ask what their budget is. This gives you an idea of what they can spend. Then you can let them know if that works for you or not. Then you can let them know how much work you can do for that amount of money. Make sure you figure out the hourly wage it’s going to come out too.

Virtual Assistant Jobs / Companies

Here is a good list of the jobs /companies who are either hiring or who have hired virtual assistants in the past.

Upwork – This one of the biggest freelance websites out there right now. Anyone can offer any kind of service. They even have a category for assistants which shows how big they are getting.

I see assistants listing their services on their right now from $10-$65+/hour. So as you can see it’s all based on your experience and how much you can do in a certain amount of time.

Time etc – This is a site dedicated to this type of work. They have been open since 2007. And they are now doing 20,000+ tasks every month now for companies / people.

World Wide 101 – This company has been around for a long time as well. They do all kinds of different tasks for people as well.

If you happen to get hired you can make anywhere from $20-$22/hour depending on your experience.

Fancy Hands – With this company you will be on the phone a lot, tracking down prices, finding hotels and maybe even some data entry jobs.

Starting off this place does not hire on an hourly wage. They hire on a per task type of payment system. For most people that could be a good thing if you are fast at the things they need you to do. You will get paid anywhere from $3-$7/task completed.

Virtual Gal Friday – Here another great option. You can apply at the link I just posted.

I couldn’t find any solid evidence on how much they pay. I did find a site that claimed they pay anywhere from $12-$15/hour. However, take that with a grain of salt. The top payouts could be a  bit higher.

Assistant Match – These guys are just now celebrating their 10 year anniversary. So they have officially been around for a long time as well. Maybe, not as long as some of the there but 10 years is big.

I heave heard you can make anywhere from $10-$25/hour depending on the work that you end up doing. So I guess your skills could end up determining just how much an hour you make with these guys here.

Virtual Offie VA – This site is for US residents only. So if you are in the US this could be a solid choice.

You start off making $9/hour. You must be able to work a minimum of 20 per week, but you can work up to 45 hours if you want too. It’s all based on how much you want to work. So you don’t have to work that many hours, but the option is there if you need the extra money.

These guys do mostly phone related tasks. They also give you training if you have never done this type of assistant work before. So this could be a good stepping stone for getting some your first experience and some work under your belt for the bigger and higher paying jobs.

Zirtual – Just another good entry level site out there. They also start you off at decent rate too. You can make $13-$18/hour depending on many different factors.

This is another great place to get your feet wet and learn some of the basics of being a virtual assistant before moving up the big guys.

Office 88 – These guys don’t seem to show how much they make. However, I am sure like most others it’s going to depend on your skills and experience and the jobs you are doing.

You work with these guys web design, graphic design, secretary work or being a translator.

Lifebushido – Here is another one that does not list how much they pay. However, it may still be worth putting in an application.

This place is nice because you can work as little as you want  clear down to 5 hours a week if you just need to make a few extra dollars. Then again if you need more money you can work up to 25 hours a week. It all just depends on what you want to do and you are not required to do more or less than that.

Belay – For these guys you have to know basic virtual assistant work, book keeping or webmaster type of services.

They seem to let you work as many hours as you want. Anywhere from 10-45+ hours a week if you want to. They do not provide any kind of training though. So you must have experience in one of those three areas listed if you want to get hired through thee guys.

Flex Jobs – This is just a basic job board where jobs are listed. However, if you go to the right side of the screen and search for “Virtual Assistant” you will find 150+ jobs listed as I write this.

So you go through and pick the best ones that may fit your skill set, hours and pay you need to make.

247 Virtual Assistants – Another great company to start off with to gain some valuable experience in the business.

These guys start off at $10-$12/hour. And you can work anywhere from 20-120 hours a month. So another work as much as you want type of job.

99 Dollar Social – These guys are the social media gurus. So if you enjoy social media and are good at social media marketing then this is a great fit.

The average pay is based off of how many accounts you can work at once. But the average seems to be in the $12-$15/hour range. You must be able to work a minimum of 40 hours a week.

Clara Labs – This one is not always hiring. But you can check it ever so often to see if they are. I wasn’t able to see how much you can make here though so keep that in mind.

Contemporary VAs – Here is another one that does not always have jobs.

As of right now though there are two jobs listed and they are both offering $10/hour.

Equivity – This is one where they say Bachelors Degree is preferred. We are not sure if it’s required or not. However, you can certainly and apply and find out.

If anyone knows if it’s required or not pleas us know in the comments below.

FireFang –  These are assistant jobs in the Dental industry. I would assume they probably pay decent because of it. They do not always have jobs open though.

They have 4 openings as I am posting this. And one of them is content writer making $20/hour. So this may be worth checking out once or twice a month to see what pops up.

Vicky Virtual – You must be a US resident for this one. You also must be able tp typer at least 50 WPM and have a fast internet connection.

If you can do those things and know the basics of computer and different programs you can make $10/hour here.

VASumo – These guys do not have hiring page. So we don’t know how much you can make here or what the requirements are to get hired even.

Hoever, if you go their site and go to the very bottom right hand side. You will see how to apply. They want you to email them your resume to apply.

Team Delegate – These guys require you to be good at calendars, time management, powerpoint presentations and arranging travel plans.

If you can do those things then you can apply at the link we posted.

Red Butler – Red Butler does a range of different things. So there is a good chance they do something that you may excel in.

You can work as much as you want with them as well like most of the other places. And they also let you choose how much you want to make.

Paragon Planners – You will need to know how to set appointments, sales support and territory management in the financial industry.

You can work up to 35 hours a week. As much or little as you want below that amount.

Okay Relax – You must have a bachelors degree in order to land one of these jobs. So you can finally put that to use if you haven’t yet.

They do not always have open positions though. As off writing this there were none. You have to scroll to the bottom and see where it says “careers and opportunities.” If it lets you click on it then you are in luck.

NS Virtual Services – These guys do just about everything imaginable. However, they do not list what they pay. So apply and let us know in the comments below if you do get hired.

GabbyVille – If you are good at gabbing on the phone, this could be great one for you. They offer virtual receptionist. So if you are good at talking on the phone and are good people person you will fit right in.

People Per Hour – They do not list a wage so if someone finds out more about this place please post it in the comments below.

Guru – This is another job board site. But if you go to the search box and type in “Virtual Assistant,” you will get a lot of possible job opportunities.

You can also post yourself as an assistant and get people to find you on the as well.

FreeLancer – Probably the biggest job board out here. I linked you to where you should find the people looking for virtual assistants.

Tis is another site where you can market yourself as well and get people looking for your skills.

Amazon Mechanic Turk – This is a relatively new system. So I am not sure how much you make here. But we do know they are hiring non-stop over there. Let us know if you happen to know how much these guys are making.

Fiverr – This place doesn’t always make the most money, but you can make up for that by sheer number of sells. This place is huge.

I linked you to the category or virtual assistants so that you can get an idea of the pay and good jobs you may be able to offer.

Click Worker – You will need to be able to write, translate, research and process data.

You make where from $9-$10/hour depending on your speed when completing these tasks we listed above.

Skip The Drive – This is telling you that you don’t have to drive to work anymore. So you work from home like most of the other jobs we listed above.

You can check the link I posted to find people who are looking to hire virtual assistants.

We Work Remotely – This is another good job board type of site. You can browse through the categories and find the one that look best for your schedule and needs.

So the wage obviously depends on the job you select and maybe even your skills and experience.

Working Nomads – Another good and reliable job board. The pay is going to very greatly based on the job and your previous skills.

Remotive – This is another job board like the last couple of listed. So the pay is going to be based on the job you choose of course.

If you don’t like the sound of being a virtual assistant you can check out our post of other ways to make money online.


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