Freelance writing jobs have become a huge thing over the past couple of years. One reason for that is because of googles new algorithm update.

This new update basically makes it to where quality content is what matters. Not only that but 1,000-2,000+ word articles tend to do amazingly well.

Before this update you could have very simply 500 word articles and they would rank on the first page with ease. Now you have to put some serious effort into these articles in order to rank.

That is good for freelance writers though. That means you get paid for 4x the amount of work that you were years ago. Plus, the system also likes frequent updates as well. So sites also must publish more articles on a regular basis. This also leads to more money for you.

So we figured we would put together a nice list of great places to find some of those awesome jobs.

Freelance Writing Jobs for Beginners


Freelance Writer Job Upwork

This isn’t just for beginners. However, it is a good place for beginners to start. There are so many people on here looking for writers that beginners and experienced writers both can work on here.

We will have a full guide on this place coming soon. But in the mean time here are just a couple of tips.

Maker sure to fill out all of the basic information on your profile. You do not want to look like a newbie. So fill in your profile and make sure you have everything else you can filled in as well.

Have some articles ready to go that you have written in the past. They could be from your blog, another blog, or anywhere else. If you don’t have any make sure you write a few of them somewhere.

When you are first starting it’s important to not charge as much at first. This will help you get your first few sells as well as some good feedback. Feedback is key in these sites.


iWriter Writing Jobs

This is another great place to start if you are just beginning. It is a lot like Upwork. So make sure to take the tips we had for it as well.

Make sure to fill out all of the basic information. You don’t want it to look like you just showed up there. You want it to look like you know what you are talking about when it comes to writing.



This is another huge place with a lot of people and businesses looking for people who can not only write but also just about anything else as well.

You can apply for jobs which makes it easy for you to look for easier beginner type of jobs which is where you really want to start off while you get your name out there.


Freelance Writing Jobs Boards Online

All Freelance Writing

All Freelance Writing

This a great little free for you to browse and sign up job board.  I have linked you to the actual page for freelance writing jobs aw well.

This is another good site for beginners or the seasoned veteran. There always seems to be quite a few jobs on here at any given time.



Here is another great site to find some writing opportunities. This is a site that has been around for a long time too.

That is the only negative for this site. While there always seem to be a few writing jobs. This site is so popular with bloggers that you have to be here at all times and try to get your application in before anyone else does.


Contena Writing

Another one of the best job boards out there at the moment. Not only do they have freelance writing but they also have just about everything else as well.

Luckily, they let you easily search for writing opportunities which make it much easier to find the ones that fit you the most.

Freelance Writing

Freelance Writing

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Blogging Pro

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Websites & Blogs That Hire Freelance Writers

1. List Verse – This is a great site that doesn’t really have a specific niche. They just write a bunch of list type of posts. So if you are good at list type of posts then this would be a great site.

It says that they pay $100 if you get accepted and the post must be 1,500 words minimum.

2. A List Apart – These guys have different levels of articles that you can write for them. You can start at 600 words and go all the way up to 2500+ words if you want too.

They start off at $50 for mall article. $100 for longer ones. And if you happen to get your article featured you could end up making $200 for that one article alone.

So I would definitely take your time and try to make one of the nest articles you have written to get yours featured.

3. Income Diary – If you are good in the internet marketing, search engine optimization, or any other ways of making money on a blog then this is great authority website in that niche.

The pay says you can make up to $200 per article written. I would say it would definitely be worth the time of writing the best you can to try and get that full income potential on this as well as most of these others as well.

4. The Diplomat – These guys do not list a pay amount. They just say to make sure that you inform them that you want to be paid for the post when you send them the email about it.

If I had to guess I would say the pay will be based on how long the article is and also the quality of the article that you wrote.

Normal blog articles need be around 400-800 words. While the feature articles start at 1,200 words and up.

5. Site Point – If you are good at the technical side of building websites like web design, html, coding, etc then this could be great place to get paid.

These guys are huge and have been around for years. They try to publish 40+ articles a month. So that is a lot of posting opportunities on this site every single month.

They do not list how much they pay but I have heard that it is above the standard of most others. If someone finds out please let us know in the comments below.

6. Web Designer Depot – This is another great option the technical website related field. They write about everything from SEO, design, html, etc.

They do not list their pay rate, but they do say to let them know what you need to get paid for the post. I would guess that they would take your article and rate into consideration.

Also, make sure to link to some of your past content so they can see your previous work.

7. eCommerce Insiders – These guys write about the booming eCommerce business that is happening every where right now around the world.

Pay rate is as follows.

  • 400-600 words – $75
  • 600 words – $100
  • 600+ words – $150



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