What is freebie trading?

Freebie Trading

Freebie trading is one of the most proven ways of making money online for 10+ years now. It is also know as “incentivized marketing.” We are going to look at what it is, how you can make money with it and then you can decide if it’s something you want to try or not.

One of the main reason this form of making money has been created is because there are always going to be big fortune 500 companies who want more customers. These are companies like Netflix and GameFly who you still see on these sites every day because they want to raise their member count and profit in general.

So these big companies are willing to pay good money in order to potentially get you as a lifetime subscriber. It’s nothing for them to pay someone $70 upfront for referring someone to them. Just think netflix is about $10/mo. So if someone stays with them for 5 years in the long run that is $10 x 12 (months) = $120 for a year or $600 for 5 years. So that is what they are banking on. That you will love their service so much that you will end up being very profitable to them in the future.

The Freebie Trading Sites

Freebie Trading Sites





So these freebie trading sites have become the middle man. They are getting paid the mega bucks for referring all of us to them. It could be anywhere from $50-$100 for every person they refer. Which is why they a able to offer cash or prizes. The freebie trading community always choose to opt for the cash of course.

They make it where to you have to do a few trial offers in order to go green. Going green means you have competed that site offer wise and can now refer your friends and cash out when you have enough referrals.

Now just imagine if they are making $50 per offer you signup for and you had to do 3 offers. That site has just made $150 off of you alone. And then you have to refer your friend as well who also has to do 3 offers. Now that site will have made $300 from you and your friend alone.

This is why they are able to give you the cashout of $150 for doing your offer and for getting a friend to sign up and go green as well. After, paying you they are now at $150 profit.  And now you and your friend are both going to be trying to do the same thing over and over again. So this is how they are making the mega bucks.

This is where the trading part of it comes in. Do you think your friend would be much more likely sign up for you and try those free trials offers if you offered her half of your payment? I bet they would absolutely try it for $75 wouldn’t they?

Unlimited Instant $50 Payments

That is where this comes from. When you first sign up you will make $50+ sometimes some of the sites you will sign up for. They are making $100 for referring you so you get $50 of it.

Then this continues when you become a mentor as well. You are then getting paid from the freebie sites $50-$100. So after paying your referral half of that for signing up you will still have made $20-$50 profit afterwards.

Freebie Trading Forums

The hardest part about trying to make money with this method was finding referrals to sign up for you. You can get your family and friends to help of course, but you only have so may of those.

So the trading forums were made so people would have a place to get together. New comers through the industry would then be directed towards a forum to pick a mentor that they can train with. This way they are guaranteed to make money in the first 48hrs.

Once, you get a few trades under your belt with your mentor who is paying you so much to do her sites for her. It’s then your turn to become a mentor yourself. So you get a chance to create your own trade thread and try to convince the new comers to the forum to trade with you now that you know the ropes.

This is where your income begins to raise dramatically. And the best part is you do not have to pay the new people until they have greened and your money in in your account.

Easy Payday Revolution

If this sounds interesting to you then you may want to check out our site. Our membership area has a bunch of courses here you can learn how to make real money online. And this is actually one of the ones that it walks you through step by step.

Here are just a few of the things you will learn.

  • What is freebie trading?
  • What is method 1?
  • What is Method 2?
  • How to go green
  • How to set your browser settings to make sure you go green
  • How to sign up on a site
  • What the best Freebie Trading Forums are
  • What the Best Freebie Trading sites are
  • How to set up your own trade thread
  • Your very own mentor to help you every step of the way

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