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Are you looking for data entry jobs? If so you have come to the right place. We have sifted through all the fakes and only list the most legit one available at this time.

This one of the very first things people search for where trying to make money from home. The reason is it doesn’t require much technical skills and people can get started almost right away.

Skills, Tools & Requirements for Data Entry Jobs

The physical components you need is pretty simple really. You will need two basic things. A computer to work from and decent internet connection.

On top of those you will also need to be fast and accurate typer. Some of these jobs even require you to take a test to see just how fast you are.

Home Based Data Entry Jobs Salary

The average salary now a days tends to start on the lower end at around 9/hr and can go up to around 15/hr if you get lucky find a job with one of the higher paying ones.

Of course like any job how much you make also depends on yourself. The faster you can type the more money you are going to make.

Companies Hiring for Online Data Entry Jobs

Clickwork – This is company that has been around for a while. They say people average around 9/hr.

Also, you only need a computer and an internet connection to get started right now.

MicroWorkers – Micro workers doesn’t pay the most per job. However, it can add up per time.

For every task you do you get about $1.00. But if it helps these are micro tasks that only take a minute or two in order to complete that task. So if you are a fast typer you make some decent money doing these as well.

Cass Information Systems – This is one of the few that are actually based on your location. So how many jobs you have available is based on where you live.

So if you see something that says “Data Verfication Clerk” then that means they a job that is your location.

The Smart Crowd – These guys have a test you have to take. However, it is an easy one if you are good typer. They want you to be able to type fast and accurate. So that’s what your test is.

The pay is on the lower end. And is only part time because there just isn’t enough jobs for everyone to go full time on this one. That may or no change in the future.

Ibotta – These guys are paying the average over there. It’s about 10/hr on average.

The only negative of these guys is that they only hire for one location ATM. That location is in Colorado. So if you do live there this is a really good option. They don’t always have jobs available. So you will have to keep  your eye open and keep checking back ever so often.

Data Trace – There is not a lot of data on these guys that I can see. Other than they do hire ever so happen. So just keep checking back every couple of weeks if you haven’t been able to find a job anywhere else yet.

DionData Solutions – Here is another one that has been the game forever. However, they just do not hire a lot. So you better cross your fingers and hope that you are one of the lucky few.

I would just keep checking every week or so to see when they are actually hiring.

Smart Locating – These guys are posting listings on craiglist quite often actually. So just keep an eye out and I am sure you will see something pop up soon.

Amazon Mechanical Turk – Many short typing task jobs here. Work with one of the most popular companies in the world.

Xerox – This is another huge company that everyone know about. The only bad part is that it is location based as well. You must work on site for about a week before you can do it from your house.

They are not always hiring for these positions so just search for “work from home data entry” in order to find the jobs you are looking for.

TTEC – These guys are not “known” for hiring these type of jobs. However, when they do it’s normally around 10/hr on average.

It’s also location based as well. So it all depends on the state that you live in.

Data Entry from Home

Online Data Entry Jobs Boards

Indeed – I am sure you have already heard of this site. It is one of the biggest job boards out there. So because of that we cannot ignore it.

FlexJobs – This is anther site I am sure everyone has heard about. Between these two here I am sure you should be able to find someone that is hiring pretty much all the time depending on where you live.

Our Training

Some of these jobs will require you to use certain programs. So we have come up with our own little training courses. Here are just a few programs that you may have to use when working through the data entry.

  • Spreadsheets – Most of these companies have you entering into spreadsheets with two different programs. One is Microsoft Excel and the other is Google Sheets. So we have training for these.
  • Word Documents – This is another big one. Most people are going to be using the tried and true Microsoft word. So we have a bunch of in depth video tutorials on that as well.
  • Power Points – This one may not be used as much. But we have seen some where you do need to use this every once in a while. So we have went ahead and created some video tutorials for Power Point as well.

You can sign for our in depth Data Entry courses here.


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