Small Business Ideas

Have you been trying to figure out how you can start a small business from home? If so then we have a great list of small business ideas below to get you started on the right track.

These small business ideas are for the people who are tired of clocking in at work every week. These are great and easy ways you can actually be your own boss for once.

As you are reading through these make sure you re thinking about what you are good at. If you are serious about jumping into one of these then you are definitely going to want to jump into one that you enjoy doing. Also, consider your skill set as well. If you are not very computer savvy then I would stay from those types and try out a different one.

Eventually, we hope to be able to have a post for each of these explains them in full detail and how to get started and actually follow through with them.


Online Small Business Ideas


Drop Shipper

This is one of things we cover inside of our membership site. We have found a way for you to be able to do drop ship very easily and with very little investment.

Basically, someone comes to your website. They buy an item and pay upfront for your item. You then turn around order from a secret drop shipping website with the money that they just paid you with. So you can literally sell things without having to buy any items at all. Seems like a pretty good way to start your first website as well if you haven’t.

Stay tuned for when we launch the membership website. It’s going to walk you through this with videos and a step by step guide to make sure you don’t miss a beat.

eBay Power Seller

This is another great way to get started. You can start off by simply selling your personal stuff you have at home. This will help you get your rating on there up and ready because you don’t want to have a 0 on your feedback.

This is another one ere going to cover in our membership site. We cover details like learning how to list things the right way to make sure they sell. We also show you some secret whole sellers as well as using some of the drop shipping people for selling on eBay as well. This way if you don’t have much money to get it started you don’t have to pay or the items you are listing until after the are paid for.


Blogging has become huge. Some of the bloggers out here are even making $100,000+/mo blogging. It is definitely one of the funnest ways to make money online. Once, you learn how it all works it can become pretty addicting.

Most bloggers make the majority of their money through affiliate programs. So when you click on a link on their website, there is a very good chance they are going to make some money for singing up and buying something through their link.

The key to having a successful blog is blogging about something love. When you can type endlessly  about something you love it makes it that much easier. The other thing you need to be successful is consistency. You need to post at least one to two blog posts every week. When people subscribe they want to see new content often from you or they may quit coming back.

Virtual Assistant

If you consider yourself good with many things on the internet, then this may be a great option for you. Many people want to up their game when it comes to things like blogs for instance. Someone may want to hire you a virtual assistant to keep one of their blogs going.

They may hire you to write articles for them, to post the articles and maybe even to do SEO for them. They may need other things as well like making sure their content gets posted to social media.

Basically, it could be anything technical at all. Whatever it is that they need you to do on a daily basis you may have to do.

We will soon have a post to where you can find some real assistant jobs.

Affiliate Marketer

An affiliate marketer is someone who makes money through pretty much nothing but affiliate products. This is how most bloggers are making their big bucks.

You can get started easy by starting your own blog. Although, you should never start a blog just to try and make money through affiliates. It’s much better when you know the niche that you are in and talk about in non stop.

Graphic Designer

If you are good with creating this kind of media then there is a very huge demand for this kind of stuff. There are lots of people online who need things like logos, banners, etc made every single day.

So if this something you can get into there are many different sites that you can post in to get work. There are also sites where people post what they want and have contest. So you could win money if yours is the best.

We will be linking to a post with all of these details very soon as well.

Freelance Writer

Google released an update about year or two ago. It changed everything int he SEO (Search engine optimization) world.

Before people could write short 500 word article that could be pretty much useless and it could rank on the first page of google. Now you have to have seriously good writers and long content as well. Because, of this the need for writers is even greater now than it ever was.

So if you enjoy writing and grammar in general then this could be the right place for you. There are lots of places to start off at. As well more advanced places you can check out as well once you have gotten used to the routine. We will be linking ll of this info to a new post as well.

Tech Support 

If you are pretty good at diagnosing things, then this could be good for you. You could start your own tech support company.

People are always going to need help with the new technology. So if you are good with people as well this could be a hit. You could possibly have a phone type of business where people could call in and be able to talk to you 24/7.

Web Designer

More and more businesses are taking their websites online. If you are good at designing these then you could do one of two things.

First, you could take all the business in your local area. It’s getting easier and easier to get people to want to go online when everyone else has been doing for years and years now.

You could also do this world wide if you get your own website out there and ranking in google somewhere. Or you could also promote yourself on social media as well.


Other Startup Business Ideas


Startup Business Ideas


Daycare Center

Parents are always working and need someone to baby-sit their kids. If you are good with kids then this would be great way for you to be your own boss. There are two different routes you could take.

First, you could run it out of your house. The good thing about this is little to overhead. So you wouldn’t have to make as much money and maybe still make the same amount of profit.

Second, you could open up/rent your building somewhere. This obviously comes with a lot expenses and overhead, but should also give you a much higher ceiling as far as earning money goes.

I guess it just depends on which one you prefer. Either one could be just as successful.

Dog Groomer / Daycare

There are almost just as many dogs has there are kids out here. If you can start up your own little place for dogs that could be a big hit as well in your neighborhood.

If you wanted to add something a little extra that most of the others don’t do you could also learn how to groom their dogs as well. Then they would be killing two birds with one stone and would be making twice the money as well.

Event Planning

If you are really good at planning things already then you may as well see if you make some money while doing it.

Many people need their weddings, special events and anything else they may need.

Tutoring Company

Having a knack for explaining things is skill that many people would be more than happy to pay for. So if you were great in school in a certain subject or two you may give this a try and see how it goes.

You don’t have to be good at every subject. You could eventually bring on other people on to cover the subjects that you are not as good at and of course take some of their pay for being apart of you business.

Massage Therapist

If you enjoy making people feel good and don’t mind getting certified this could be really great career opportunity. So if you think you are good at making people feel amazing when you massage them you may think about making the s full time job.

There are always going to be a need for this business too. It’s not something that is ever going out of style. There are always different versions and upgrades to massage too. So you could make cheaper massages and then higher end ones for the higher end type of clients who have more free money to spend.

House Cleaning Business 

If you naturally love to keep  your house clean then this could be right up your alley. People are always going to want to have their places cleaned. So this is another ever green company that will never go out of style.

You could start out with just yourself at first. Then once you start to get more clientele you could hire more people to take on many more houses per day. The sky is the limit if you are really motived.

Photography Business

Right now is the perfect time to start a company like this. Everyone, is going digital now a days. So most of the time you don’t even have to print picture out anymore. Most people are just happy with a CD full with rights to be able to download and print them.

So if you are good a capturing the moment then this is in high demand. Families are always wanting school pics, wedding pics and even pictures for no reason at all it seems like now a days.

Car Detailing

This is another ever green company you could start. Every house in the world has at least one car and many of them have more than one. Even if we start flying these cars one day. They are still going to be need to be detailed.

If you have done a few details for your friends and family in the past where they pleased with them? If so then a detailing option cold be your route. Just make sure you learn the in and outs like no one ever has. You want to be able to charge good money for these jobs to be able to make it worth your time. So make sure they get what they pay for and you will have non-stop repeat customers.

Personal Trainer / Gym Owner

If you have a passion for physical fitness, love hitting the gym and know your dieting in and out then this could be an amazingly fun and profitable adventure for you.

First, I was thinking trainer so you teach people to become the best version of themselves they can be. Then though about it for a second and thought, why not own the entire gym as well? This would take some upfront costs and make your overhead a little higher, but in income potential here is so great.

Then you could even sell yourself as the trainer in the gym. Or just charge higher entry fees and train everyone that comes through the doors that may need your help. Either of these methods would be great for long term business because you are making sure personally that they achieve the results they are looking and paying for.

Lawn Care Company

The good thing about this option is that you really do not have to have very much experience at all. As long as you can mow some yards and are dedicated enough to learn you should do just fine.

You could start out at your neighbors doing their yards. All you need is a mower, weed eater and some transportation. Make sure you take pride in your work too. Because, word of mouth is everything in this business. You want to keep the clientele you have as well as keep it growing so this is a must.

Once, you start making some money you would definitely want to make it look more professional though. Buy yourself a nicer truck and make it an official business with your stickers on the side. Upgrade your mowers to some zero turns so you can mow three times as fast and do three times as many yards in the same amount of time. Now hire some other people so you keep expending and not wear yourself out by doing it all yourself.

Hairdresser / Salon Owner

If you tend to do everyones hair int he neighborhood then you just be perfect to end up owning your own hair salon one day.

This is one of those things where you have to be good with people as well as have bit of money of your own.

You could start off slowly by just having people at your house at first. Then once you build up the income over time, you could eventually open up your own salon. Then you would be doing people’s hair as well as getting paid rent by the other people you hire toward with you.

So you would need a decent chunk of change up front first, but the profit you would be making in the end would be more than worth it.

Other Ways to Starting Your Own Business

If you are not ready to jump into small business just yet, you can also check out our other ways to make money online. These are ways to help you get one extra money if you don’t have the funds to start some of these up now.

We will have a guide on how to start a business coming up very soon. The link above is good if you may want start and online business.


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